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Combating the Skills Gap

“By 2025, it’s projected that U.S. manufacturing will have 2 million jobs left empty due to a skills gap.” Racine Metal-Fab is combating the “skills gap” through our High School Manufacturing Apprenticeships that provide students hands-on learning and development. manufacturing

US News – Manufacturing Goes to High School

RMF High School Apprentices Caleb & Ryan


Youth Apprenticeship Elephant Project

Check out what our Engineering apprentices made for the Racine Unified School District See Your Future Expo!


Youth Apprenticeship Program at RMF

Racine Metal-Fab is partnering up with the Racine Unified Schools to provide High School students with experiences in Manufacturing and Engineering! Check out what our 2017-2018 Youth Apprentice, Taylor Schneider, learned at RMF.

Customer Development Team Fundraiser 2018

Racine Metal-Fab raised over $2,400 for Water.org during a lunchtime fundraising event last week! And of course, someone had to get a couple ice water buckets dumped on them. Special shout out to our Director of Operations – Jason Praefke for being a great sport! Learn how you can donate to Water.org by visiting the link below:


Pop Tab Drive

Did you know you could give back to your community by donating pop tabs? Since 2000, The Ronald McDonald house has been collecting pop tabs to keep families close to the medical resources they need to receive treatment. Here at RMF, we collect pop tabs year round as a simple way of helping families in our community. Learn how you and your company can give back at https://rmhc-easternwi.org.

Welcome, Caleb & Ryan!

Introducing our two new High School apprentices, Caleb and Ryan! Caleb will be joining the Customer Development team as an Engineering apprentice and Ryan will be joining the Operations team as a Manufacturing apprentice. Please join us in welcoming Caleb and Ryan!

Caleb (center-left) and Ryan (center-right) pictured with Manufacturing Engineer, Cassie Machajewski (left) and Continuous Improvement Facilitator, Jesse Kulp (right).



Congrats, Taylor Schneider!

Our engineering intern, Taylor Schneider, graduated from J.I. Case High School over the weekend! Taylor will be joining us this summer before attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall where he plans to study engineering. Please join us in congratulating Taylor and wishing him well on his journey!
Congrats Taylor Schneider

2018 Family Empowerment Day

Supporting Racine Unified Schools on the 2018 Family Empowerment Day in April!


Racine Unified Schools 3rd annual Family Empowerment Day on Saturday, April 28th!

RMF is excited to announce our support for the Racine Unified Schools 3rd annual Family Empowerment Day on Saturday, April 28th! This event provides Racine families with a day of fun filled activities, workshops, and resources that promote family togetherness while building positive community relationships. If you’re interested in participating, please register here.

Racine Unified Schools 3rd annual Family Empowerment Day

RMF Olympics: Opening Ceremony

In honor of this year’s Winter Olympics, Racine Metal-Fab will be hosting our own Olympics!

Sponsored by the RMF Wellness Council, the Racine Metal-Fab Wellness Olympics will feature 15 events such as getting eight hours of sleep and drinking 40 ounces of water in conjunction with the traditional Olympic events. Participants will have a chance to win some cool Olympic gear. The idea behind the RMF Olympics is to prove that we all are champions. Even the little things we might do every day contribute to our overall wellness. Things like parking at the far end of the parking lot to get some extra steps or going to bed 15 minutes earlier to get some extra shut eye can help us build a wellness habit.

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