RMF and its employees like to have fun. Check here to see what we have done lately. Call us at (262) 554-1140 for more info.

Chili Cook-Off 2017

What better way to welcome in the cool weather than a Chili Cook-Off? We had a little friendly competition last week at RMF when we hosted our annual chili event! Every year our employees look forward to participating and is also a great time to share favorite chili recipes or try something new. This year’s winner was Peter (left), coming in 2nd was Josh (middle) and Jim (right) took 3rd!Chili cook-off collage

Top Wisconsin-Based Women-Owned Business List- RMF Ranked #18

The Milwaukee Business Journal featured RMF on the Top WISCONSIN-BASED WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS list! Among the 50 companies, RMF came in at #18. Visit us today at www.rm-f.com or call us at (262) 886-2723.

Wisconsin-Based Women-Owned Businesses 2017

Our New Engineering Apprentice, Taylor Schneider

We are pleased to announce one of our newest additions to Racine Metal-Fab team, Taylor Schneider (center)! Taylor will be joining our Customer Development Team as an Engineering Apprentice. He will be participating in studying the various topics within Manufacturing Engineering. Please join me in welcoming Taylor to Racine Metal-Fab! Taylor is pictured here with his mentors, Cassie Machajewski- Manufacturing Engineer and Chris Neuhaus- Project Engineer.

Our New Engineering Apprentice, Taylor Schneider

Welcome Mike Beverley, RMF’s Senior Manufacturing Engineer

We are pleased to announce our newest addition to Racine Metal-Fab, Mike Beverley! Mike will be joining our Operations Team as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer. He will be responsible for evaluating job run performance and continually improving RMF’s efficiency.

Please join me in welcoming Mike to Racine Metal-Fab!

Mike is pictured here with Jason Praefke – Director of Operations

Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of our greatest strengths here at RMF. As a TEAM based customer development business, our work groups enable us to solve problems efficiently and effectively. We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s brand, therefore continuously innovating and working to improve the products we produce. We’re not just a job shop, we are innovators looking to push the limits of the metal fabrication world. Will you join us? Call us today at 262.554.1140 or visit us online at www.rm-f.com!

2017 Lighthouse Run for Racine YMCA

Over the weekend, a couple of our RMF employees participated in the Racine YMCA Lighthouse Run! The run helps the YMCA provide support for their Strong Kids Campaign and give financial assistance to families in the Racine Community. Thank you Josh, Cassie and Tyson for your participation in this great event!
runners in the Lighthouse Run for Racine YMCA

Helping Your Business Be Better

Product Development

Here at RMF, our goal is to help your business be better to make you be better.

What that means for our clients is, we want to make your business better by ensuring the most efficient design, providing short lead times and delivering the utmost quality. By making your business better, we will make you a superior facilitator and reliable business leader.

The RMF mission also ties into our workplace culture. Our employees share the company values, beliefs and care for our clients overall success. Which is why we created The S.M.I.L.E. Program. This program maintains peer-to-peer and multilevel appreciation within our company in order to benefit our employees and customers. The SMILE program gives appreciation and recognition for teamwork, quality, attitude and willingness to help. The acronym SMILE (Specific, Meaningful, Immediate, Linked, and Enthusiastic) serves as a guide to craft appreciation. To “SMILE” at someone we could make a verbal acknowledgment, write an appreciative note, lend a hand, or maybe leave a treat on their desk. We want our employees to know how much we appreciate their work and maintain our mission to help your business be better.

Give RMF a “SMILE” by visiting our website (www.rm-f.com) or calling us at (262) 554-1140!


Alex Rogers signs at Drake – RMF Engineering Intern

Alex Rogers

Case High School, senior Alex Rogers committed to play Division 1 football at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. Case High School athletic department held a special signing event for Rogers during an all-school pep assembly on Wednesday. Rogers says he’s ready for the challenges of college and looks forward to becoming part of such an established program.

Engineering Intern

Alex Rogers – RMF Intern

Racine Journal Times Article

“Alex Rogers flew a bit under the radar last season for the Case High School football team.

However, he caught the eye of an NCAA Division I program and is taking the next step.

On Wednesday afternoon, the 6’1″, 185-pound Rogers signed his letter of intent to play football for Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, during a pep rally at Case.

He announced his selection on Twitter Jan. 20 and made it official Wednesday.” Drake Football
Alex is also currently an engineering intern at RMF, what a great guy and deserving of this opportunity. Go Bulldogs!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from RMF!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Racine Metal-Fab!

Kids Love Custom Metal – Especially When Its A New Playground

fun-metalThe sheet metal industry can be a little rough around the edges sometimes. No pun intended. We’re always having fun, but not always getting to work on fun playgrounds like the one featured in “The Fabricator” this month. Click here to read the article. It’s the story of a custom metal fabricator in NY that built an amazing rooftop playground in metro New York.

For a more traditional look at the kind of sheet metal RMF is working on, check out our latest project below. We were lucky enough to do a collaborative Kaizen with our client early in the product development process where we took out 20% of the parts required, and reduced the space needed for packaging by 50%.assembly-housing-ds-combined It was a successful project and we always love a challenge.

Be sure to check out the article link!