RMF is a growing company. Check here to see our new employees. Call us at (262) 554-1140 for more info.

Welcome to the team, Mike!

Join us in welcoming Mike Gober to the Racine Metal-Fab team! Mike  will be joining RMF as a Laser Setup/Operator working 1st shift. Welcome to the team Mike!

new hire mike gober 300x169

Mike (right) is pictured with our Director of Operations, Jason Praefke (left)

Welcome, Ashley!

Join us in welcoming Ashley Schultz to the Racine Metal-Fab team! Ashley will be a part-time staff account working with the SPARK team to offer support services in the area of accounting and inventory. Welcome to the team Ashley!

Ashley (right) is pictured with our CFO, Dean Popek (left)

new hire ashley with dean popek 300x169

Welcome, Andrew!

Join us in welcoming Andrew to the Racine Metal-Fab team! Andrew will be a laser set-up/operator starting on first shift then transitioning to second shift. Welcome to the Team Andrew!

Andrew (right) pictured below with Director of Operations, Jason Praefke (left)new hire andrew with jason praefke 300x169

Welcome, Sam Pike!

Join us in welcoming Sam Pike to the RMF team! Sam will be joining us over the summer as a Production Specialist on 1st shift. He is currently studying Computer Science and Film at UW-Milwaukee. Join us in welcoming Sam to the team!

Sam (right) is pictured below with Production Technician Josh Hernandez (middle) and Production Specialist Ben Pike (left).

new hire sam pike with josh hernandez and ben pike 300x169

Welcome, Nick!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a Value Stream Leader to our team! Please welcome, Nick Sayotovich. Nick will collaborate with customers, sales, and operations to create, implement, troubleshoot, and monitor product design and implementation. He will also facilitate discussions to develop new manufacturing ideas and projects that will continuously improve processes by reducing bottlenecks and waste.
new hire nick sayotovich with jason praefke 300x169
Nick is pictured here with RMF’s Director of Operations – Jason Praefke