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Here at Racine Metal-Fab, we collaborate with our customers to solve problems. Our team of engineers are here to help. Let us discuss how RMF can help make YOUR business better, https://bit.ly/2TOUpBy or request a quote today! Helping your business be better.

Complex is what we do best!

Come to Racine Metal-Fab with your complicated part shapes, dimensions, and production needs. Complex is what we do best. Fast prototypes, difficult materials, tight tolerances, high performance demands. Count on our team to help solve problems quickly and creatively. Helping your business be better.



Reusable Packaging Solutions

Racine Metal-Fab offers a variety of reusable packaging solutions such as our newest returnable container pictured below. Designed by our Manufacturing Engineer, Bruce Miller, the container features a removable side for unpacking ease while protecting the container contents. Helping YOUR business be better. manufacturing

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is very important here at RMF! We think of ourselves as an extension of your brand. An extension that will work with you to enhance your products and solve problems collectively as they arise. This all comes back to RMF’s mission, helping YOUR business be better. #manufacturing #teamwork

3D Printing’s Future is Bright

The ability to 3D print tooling has help RMF decrease lead time and costs for customers. It’s very exciting to see researchers working on new ways to improve the printing process.

Read article here!

Combating the Skills Gap

“By 2025, it’s projected that U.S. manufacturing will have 2 million jobs left empty due to a skills gap.” Racine Metal-Fab is combating the “skills gap” through our High School Manufacturing Apprenticeships that provide students hands-on learning and development. manufacturing

US News – Manufacturing Goes to High School

RMF High School Apprentices Caleb & Ryan


We Solve Problems!

Just one of the ways Racine Metal-Fab helps your business be better!

Duke Weldington

As technology advances, so do we. At Racine Metal-Fab we invest in new equipment to cut costs and improve lead times for our customers. Meet our newest robotic spot welder, Duke Weldington!


Lean Manufacturing

Our team uses lean manufacturing in order to provide speed in all aspects of our business. Every prototype, product and employee uses lean principles to get your products to market fast and keep them there. Helping your business be better.

Long-term Mindset

“The cool thing about RMF is that everyone has a forward thinking mindset. We think long-term when making short-term decisions. If we run into a problem, we think about the next process and the next process after that.” – James Tillmann, Supply Chain Specialist