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Complex is What We Do Best

Come to Racine Metal-Fab. with your complicated part shapes, dimensions, and production needs. Complex is what we do best. Fast prototypes, difficult materials, tight tolerances, high performance demands. Count on our team to help solve problems quickly and creatively.

New Progressive Stamping Tool

Our Production Technicians, Dave and Jay visited Gruber Tool & Die Inc! They are inspecting a new progressive stamping tool before it comes in house for production. This stamping tool will allow RMF to produce high volume oil less parts for our customers.

new progressive stamping tool

Green Bay Packers Upgrade to LED

The Green Bay Packers upgraded to LED field lights thanks to our business partner, Musco Lighting! The LED lights will last longer, less expensive to operate and provide more vibrant color on the field. We are excited to see the lights in action during the 2018 season!

Helicopter Installing New Lights at Lambeau Field

See the full article here: Packers install new lights at Lambeau Field from Green Bay Press Gazette

Introducing, The EMLK 3610 NT!

We are pleased to announce the addition of the EMLK 3610 NT! The EMLK will increase our capacity to deliver highly esthetic quality parts to our customers for years to come.

Quality at RMF

RMF prides itself on Quality. We provide customized quality checks that match our customer requirements and tailor quality processes for each production step. This means that when RMF delivers parts to our customers, no customer checks are needed. Let’s help make your business better!


Safety at RMF

At RMF, we aim to promote a culture of safety. We do this by establishing safe practices, educating all team members and creating an overall awareness of safety.


Celebrating 50 Years!

Racine Metal-Fab’s journey began in 1968 when Jim and Marge Madson began fabricating small metal components for local OEM companies. Today, we’re metal fabrication innovators that solve problems. We want to make your business better by ensuring the most efficient design, providing short lead times, and delivering the utmost quality!


Fun Fact Fabrication Friday!

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci is cited as being one of the first to use roll, cut, and press technology to manipulate metal?

Evolve With Us!

We live in a world where technology is rapidly changing. To bolster this change in manufacturing we look to the people, our employees. As one team we will continuously evolve and develop new ways of manufacturing sheet metal components. Evolve with us today, call 262.554.1140 to learn more!



Flashback Friday to the year Racine Metal Fabrication was established, 1968!

Flashback Friday