RMF Olympics: Opening Ceremony

In honor of this year’s Winter Olympics, Racine Metal-Fab will be hosting our own Olympics!

Sponsored by the RMF Wellness Council, the Racine Metal-Fab Wellness Olympics will feature 15 events such as getting eight hours of sleep and drinking 40 ounces of water in conjunction with the traditional Olympic events. Participants will have a chance to win some cool Olympic gear. The idea behind the RMF Olympics is to prove that we all are champions. Even the little things we might do every day contribute to our overall wellness. Things like parking at the far end of the parking lot to get some extra steps or going to bed 15 minutes earlier to get some extra shut eye can help us build a wellness habit.

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Evolve With Us!

We live in a world where technology is rapidly changing. To bolster this change in manufacturing we look to the people, our employees. As one team we will continuously evolve and develop new ways of manufacturing sheet metal components. Evolve with us today, call 262.554.1140 to learn more!

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Arrival of EMK 3613 MII

New Year, new machine! We are pleased to announce the addition of our new EMK 3613 MII. The EMK provides scratch-free processing, 58 station turrets with automated tapping and other part processing features to eliminate secondary operations. Combine this machine with the ingenuity of our team and lean centered plant layout, we are poised to meet your demands in 2018 and beyond!

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is very important here at RMF! We think of ourselves as an extension of your brand. An extension that will work with you to enhance your products and solve problems collectively as they arise. This all comes back to RMF’s mission, helping your business be better.


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Welcome, Kurt Beres!

Racine Metal-Fab is happy to announce our new Project Engineer, Kurt Beres! Kurt will join the Customer Development Team in working to gain an understanding of the customer’s needs. He will also work to facilitate a collaborative relationship with customers to develop winning quotes. Please join me in welcoming Kurt to RMF!

Kurt is pictured here with Andrew Pike – Director of Customer Development

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Welcome, Steve Glasenapp!

Racine Metal-Fab is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Glasenapp, our new Strategic Account Manager! Steve will be a leader in developing future business growth for RMF and work with our Customer Development Team to maintain existing customer relationships. Please join me in welcoming Steve to RMF!

Steve is pictured here with Andy Pike – Director of Customer Development.

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